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Experience your own sunset in a glass! The purpleness of lavender syrup gracefully layers with the vibrant yellowness of MANGO,YESSSS!, creating a visually stunning and delicious mocktail. A subtle hint of lime is added to balance the sweetness, making this drink a delightful reminder of a sunset you're sure to adore.

Want to turn it into cocktail? Just add Gin or Vodka!


1.    What We Founds MANGO YESSSS! 

2.    Lime juice

3.    Lavender syrup 

4.    Sparkling water 

5.    Eatable flower for garnishing

How to make your drink

1.    Pour 15 ml. of lime juice into your glass/cup.

2.    Add 20 ml. of Lavender syrup.

3.    Add 150 ml. of MANGO YESSS! 

4.    Add Sparkling water / Carbonated water on top for an extra fizziness.

5.    Garnish for photos and tag #WhatWeFoundKombucha ;)

6.    Dont forget to stir before you drink! Enjoy!

Ingredient for Lavender Syrup 200 g

1.     Lavender Tea 25 g.

2.    Sugar 200 g

3.    Water 200 g

Step to make Lavender Syrup

1.     Bring  200 g. of water and 200 g. of sugar to a boil in a saucepan until fully dissolved.

2.     Remove from the heat

3.     Add 25 g. of lavender and stir in the syrup. Allow to cool and steep for 10 minutes

4.     Strain out the lavender.

**For stronger lavender scent, leave in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours or longer before serving.

Feature in this recipe

What We Found's MANGO, YESSSS!

This is exactly what summer tastes like fresh, fun, and flirty with just the right amount of sweetness.

Our Assam green tea kombucha is blended with tangy mango juice and a touch of ginger. If youre a fan of mangoes, this is the one for you.

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