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Get ready for a burst of freshness! Just like the zing of lemon ice tea, this drink takes a fascinating twist with a dash of cucumber syrup complexity. A tad sour with a subtle minty kick, it's your secret weapon to effortlessly 'stay cool' all day long.


1.  What We Founds MADE MY DAY 

2.  Lime juice

3.  Cucumber syrup

4.  Mint and Lemon for garnishing

How to make your drink

1.     Pour 15 ml. of lime juice into your glass/cup.

2.    Add 20 ml. of cucumber syrup.

3.    Add 150 ml. of MADE MY DAY.

4.    Garnish for photos and tag #WhatWeFoundKombucha 

5.    Dont forget to stir before you drink! Enjoy!

Ingredient for Cucumber Syrup 200 g

1.    Japanese cucumber 100 g.

2.    Sugar 125 g.

3.    Water 125 g.

4.    Dill 3 g.

5.    Mint 10 g.

Step to make Cucumber Syrup

1.     Bring 65 g. of water and 65 g. of sugar to a boil in a saucepan until fully dissolved.

2.     Reduce the heat

3.     Add 50 g. of peeled & chopped Cucumber, 5g. of mint and 2 g. Of dill. Stir in the syrup for 3 minutes.

4.     Remove from the heat and allow to cooldown. Strain out the ingredient.

**For stronger lavender scent, leave in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours or longer before serving.

Feature in this recipe

What We Found's Made My Day

Champagne Oolong, a.k.a Dongfang meiren tea is the star of this flavour. Its grown organically, and due to tiny insects nibbling on the leaves, the tea leaf juice is released as a result. So, how does this affect the flavour, you may ask? Well, this makes our kombucha has uniquely floral and honey-like scent and aftertaste.

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