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Made My Day is the magic touch in this tonic! Immerse yourself in the flavors of passionfruit and Australian gin, and with the first sip, find yourself instantly transported to the sunny vibes of a Melbourne summer. Cheers to a drink that truly makes your day!


  1.      What We Founds MADE MY DAY
  2.      Gin
  3.      Passion fruit Puree
  4.      Lemon juice
  5.      Simple sugar syrup
  6.      Lemon slides for garnish

How to make your drink

1.      Pour 45 ml. of Gin* into your shaker.

2.     Add another 15 ml. of passion fruit puree, 15 ml. of lemon juice, 10 ml. of simple sugar syrup and couple of ice into the shaker.

3.     Shake! Shake! Shake!

4.     Pour Add 30 ml. of MADE MY DAY into the mix.

5.     Top with Soda and Garnish for photos and tag #WhatWeFoundKombucha 

7.      Enjoy!

*Our preferable gin mix are 15ml. Four Pillar + 30 ml. Gordon but can substitute to your choice of gin.

Feature in this recipe

What We Found's Made My Day

Champagne Oolong, a.k.a Dongfang meiren tea is the star of this flavour. Its grown organically, and due to tiny insects nibbling on the leaves, the tea leaf juice is released as a result. So, how does this affect the flavour, you may ask? Well, this makes our kombucha has uniquely floral and honey-like scent and aftertaste.

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